Market Structure Analytics™

ModernIR pioneered the application of data-analytics to Investor Relations market intelligence. With Market Structure Analytics™, we give IR professionals the tools to translate complex market data into consistent metrics that power better IR decisions. Our unique approach is designed to cut through the maze of market rules and noise to understand the key drivers and dynamics behind your stock price. With ModernIR, better assess, measure and communicate IR strategy.

Moving stock-price averages and comparisons of share-performance to peers and the market will tell you just that – how you compare. Comparisons offer no overall picture of your stock’s dynamics or key drivers. If you’re relying on comparisons and non-contextual ownership data to run your IR program, you’re asking the wrong questions. We can help you do far better, likely pay substantially less, and get you started asking the right questions so you can run your IR program with true market intelligence.

Equity Analysis™

Our Equity Analysis trading intelligence is an affordable, cutting-edge technology that maps market behaviors behind price and volume. With context, your trading activity can tell you a great deal about what investors think, where you should focus your IR efforts, and what’s likely to happen to your stock price next.

ModernIR’s Equity Analysis helps you quantify market behaviors to better assess, understand and communicate IR strategy.

The strength of Equity Analysis

A key element of Equity Analysis is the Market Structure Report. It provides a snapshot of your current trading and market structure, comparative metrics and trends, key macro events, and tactical targeting insights.

The Trading Summary outlines critical elements needed to communicate with the management and board including what happened in your recent trading, why it happened and the near-term sentiment for your shares.

ModernIR’s Rational Price™ measures how fundamental money competes with other market behaviors to buy shares. Observe where your shares are trading relative to Rational Price. A wide spread may indicate the market needs more information; risks are higher. Low spreads indicate a well informed market; the mark of effective investor relations.

Market Structure Report

Use Equity Analysis to Guide IR Actions and Measure Program Success By:

  • Setting benchmarks for behavioral targets and taking actions to influence these behaviors.
  • Using Rational Price™ to separate noise from substance in your trading activity.
  • Improving targeting efforts by tactically adjusting focus (not story) to match current market structure.
  • Compare the trends in your behaviors to your benchmarks and market averages to measure the effectiveness of your IR program.

Integrate Equity Analysis in Your IR Program

Equity Analysis will transform the way you understand and respond to the markets. We’ve seen the results time and again and believe there’s nothing like seeing it for yourself.

With services starting at $495/mo, REQUEST A DEMO today for a 30-minute web overview that will change what you know about your shares.