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I am the doofus on camera that I feared I was.

Fortunately, Lou Cordone, head of Thomson Advisory Services is not a doofus, so we balanced out.

We said last week we’d have big news about the Issuer Data Initiative? Thomson Reuters heard about the Initiative, examined its merits, and decided to lend a hand. They invited me to film a segment on their “Smart Topics” program for Thomson’s surveillance clients.

Thomson is a neutral party. But we cannot thank them enough – you too, because this effort is for public companies – for their kindness and generosity. See it from the IDI landing page, or click here.

More huge thanks are due. The office of the general counsel for a client, a major technology company, lent an editorial eye to the draft letter for Congress and the SEC. Thousands of dollars of legal work, pro bono. The petition is that much stronger. And we’re speaking again with the SEC the week of May 9 about the status of the Initiative. (more…)