Market Structure Analytics with Equity Analysis™

Five Best Practices. Six Key Metrics.

Every stock is both story and product. For investor relations (IR) professionals, the equity market is your product’s marketplace, and you’re the product manager. Vital to being effective in IR is understanding how your stock trades. In today’s complex trading environment this is sometimes no easy task! Market Structure Analytics is a well-defined IR discipline arming you with the data and practices for success.

ModernIR invented Market Structure Analytics for IR. Our Equity Analysis product gives IR a demographic profile of all the money behind price and volume in your shares. Use this to:

  • Understand which trading behaviors are driving price changes and where price is headed.
  • Build credibility with management and the Board with accurate answers about your trading.
  • Know when your fundamental investment audience is active in your shares with Rational Price™.
  • Plan additional outreach with Engagement™, our measure of investor-engagement over time.
  • Be more effective in targeting new investors and following up with existing targets.
  • Know when significant macro or market events may impact your trading and the market.
Market Structure Report

For our Five Best Practices, get an introduction to our Best Practices Guide by requesting and viewing a product demo.

Our game-changing, Tableau-powered Market Structure Report, our core measurement tool, is a snapshot of price-setting behavior during the period, longer term trends, and comparisons to the general market, all in a format ready for the CFO, CEO or Board. ModernIR’s six Key Metrics provide a quick and easy-to-understand dashboard for tracking fair value, price-setters and Sentiment-shifts. We make market data holistic, simple, predictive and consistent.

Market Structure Report

And we have solutions for every budget. Don’t spend another day in the dark or with the same dreary “stock” answers from others. Be part of the future and join your peers in making the switch to Market Structure Analytics today.