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Senior giving thumbs up after using a VR headset
June 7, 2023

Should you wear an Apple Virtual Reality headset during earnings calls?  Wait, what? Earnings calls? I’ll explain. I remember wondering if Apple would survive.  You too?  The maker of personal computers had by the 1990s lost the market to Microsoft.  Some schools used taxpayer dollars...

dreamstime m 187244026
May 31, 2023

Odysseus needed ten years to get home and only his dog recognized him.  We were three weeks in Greece (May 3-24) and visited Odysseus’s home (neither he nor his dog were in), and our dog thankfully still knew us on return last week. Here are...

dreamstime s 10026012
May 3, 2023

A debt ceiling looms. Three banks are gone now. What to do?  We’re going to Greece.  No sense waiting for the next banker’s shoe to drop.  We’ll be back May 24 to see who’s still standing.  If we find Ithaca off Cephalonia, we might stay....

dreamstime s 18334174
April 26, 2023

Remember the Ford Pinto?  (EDITORIAL NOTE: also remember to join tomorrow’s weekly live Demo and discussion for Market Structure EDGE, if spots are still available). If you were born in the 1980s or later, you probably don’t know the Pinto.  But thanks to internet search...

dreamstime s 150574398
April 19, 2023

It’s earnings season.  And once again the shows on CNBC after the market closes are trying to explain in rational terms why stocks are up or down (NFLX, UAL, WAL, etc.). And investor-relations people, why the stock is up or down is a core pursuit...

Sector Performance
April 12, 2023

You do the math.  Did I tell you that story?  I’ll tell it again. Karen called the Wall Street Journal subscription department.  This was years ago when we were still taking physical delivery at our Denver home. She said, “You do the math! The price...

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