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The Ides of March today carries an air of foreboding that dates to Julius Caesar’s demise in 44 BC. Before Brutus colored the day red, Romans did on the Ides what any other urbane culture might: They feted Mars, god of war. It feels lately like Mars has been trudging along the tectonic plates.

We still have $200 here for the first person to correctly answer last week’s two critical IR questions: Where do your shares trade? Which brokers trade them?

Speaking of the Issuer Data Initiative: Thank you, NIRI CEO Jeff Morgan, for sliding it across your desk today and out via the weekly NIRI email (note: Register for NIRI National by Friday for the early bird discount). Public companies, please commit your support so every IRO will have answers to the questions above.

Reading Dick Johnson’s noteworthy blog about Warren Buffett’s view of IR prompted a way to show why good issuer data matters. Berkshire Hathaway Class A shares (BRK.A) trade about 500 shares daily, over about the same number of trades per day. On rare occasions, a trade occurs off the NYSE, but most times if Mr. Buffett wants to know which brokers executed trades, that information is available because the trades occurred at his listing exchange. (more…)