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Algorithms Are Pragmatic Chaos

Despite Denver’s rude throttling by the New England Patriots, I am still bound for Boston to panel at the Wednesday NIRI chapter meeting called “A Day in the Life of a Trade: How Can IROs Know What’s Really Happening?” Hope to see you there!

One of our technology geeks shared a link at TED, the place where nerds of a commonly self-aggrandized feather gather to bloviate about culture. In this one, Kevin Slavin, founder of a game-hatching thought shop bought by Zynga, discusses how algorithms run our world. The guy is a good speaker and knows his imagery. Of algorithms, he says: “We’re writing things that we can no longer read.”

Slavin sets up his piquant point this way. He was on a flight with a Hungarian physicist who’s on Wall Street writing algorithms. The Hungarian used to work for the Soviets using math and physics to find American Stealth aircraft. Apparently, technology dissolves the signature of Stealth planes into a million fragments so they won’t look like planes to radar. The Hungarian wrote equations to find electronic tidbits hiding planes. (more…)