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The lawyers doing the writing at the SEC are good. The 104-page novella the Commission released last week with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission gallops readers spritely to an inconclusive denouement.

No offense intended. For anybody versed in trading markets, the report is logical and easy to follow. We agree with the description of underlying trading activity, even so far as the report’s conclusion that real buyers and sellers are about 10% of the market. There are charts that look somewhat like our models of market structure, illustrating trading share by market center (we do it by behavior). (more…)

Global Statistical Arbitrage is not nearly so good a name for a rock band as the one my lovely Karen quipped after cleaning the glass on a patio door where the cat presses her nose: Snot Mark.

Snot Mark is also a tempting description for what’s happening behind share prices and volume, at least at times. But Global Statistical Arbitrage is more accurate, and widespread. (more…)