Chris Kutsor

“One of the first and best decisions I made when taking over as IRO was to hire ModernIR for their uniquely valuable trading analysis versus traditional stock surveillance.   Their insights go far deeper than other options and proved exceptionally helpful in my understanding of our stock movement and in explaining changes to our C-suite.   When my company became the target of a coordinated short-attack, ModernIR was able to track the daily short-trading and compare the trends, impact, and expectations versus other public short-attacks.  Being able to educate my C-suite with hard data, historic trends, and insights into when it was ending was a tremendous value.”

Large cap Basic Materials Co.

“ModernIR provides valuable analytics that readily complement more traditional IR offerings as well as our own efforts. They employ statistical analysis to reach conclusions about trading activity and what that activity tells us about our equity. Specifically, Market Structure Analytics allows the team to differentiate between index fund flows or arbitrage and moves by active investors. The Engagement metric allows the team to inform management just how well our “story” is understood and appreciated by active investors.”

David Stickney

“ModernIR provides real strategic value. We are a small-cap firm that can be subject to large intra-day price moves. Under a typical surveillance scenario, such price moves drive efforts to discover individual firms that are moving our shares — activity that is notoriously unreliable, and nearly always out of date. This kind of response creates a continuous, reactive cycle of behavior, rather than a strategic one. With Market Structure Analytics, we have a bigger, more real-time view of a market that often reflects trends in algorithmic, index, and ETF flows, or simply daily trading arbitrage. It provides a rationale for the behavior we’re seeing at any given time, and allows us to concentrate on strategic decision-making rather than stock price volatility. We strongly recommend ModernIR; their team is very well positioned to put your trading into context and free you to concentrate on big-picture items.”

Amy Wakeham

“I get weekly analysis, educational classes, calls with the Client Service team, and assistance in preparation for Board meetings. Our weekly Market Structure Report, which includes a summary of activity in our shares and changes in our key metrics, provides me with a good sense of the health of our share market and whether there are any issues to address. As our new CFO comes on board, I’m excited to share ModernIR’s data with him and demonstrate how IR can be used strategically and effectively. It’s a cost-effective way to look at trading data especially considering how the market has evolved. When you want to know what’s moving your shares, look to ModernIR.”

Evren Kopelman

“The team at ModernIR are good teachers. They offer classes to make it even easier to appreciate the wealth of information contained in each Market Structure Report, from investor “fair value,” to sentiment, to behavioral changes, to short volume, and much more. Market Structure Analytics has become a key resource for the IR team here at Ralph Lauren.”

Matt Garvie

“ModernIR analyzes equity market activity from a demographic perspective, which makes their service unique compared to traditional Surveillance. Initially, we thought that might be a challenge for management who, in our experience, have been accustomed to thinking in terms of “who.” This actually wasn’t a challenge because management quickly saw how compelling it is to track all of the market behaviors that impact our share price rather than just Institutional Investors. Market Structure Analytics gives us accurate answers about share price moves, and an accurate look at where shares are likely headed because their answers are based on statistical analysis. We believe Market Structure Analytics is a necessary tool to help management understand what affects share price given today’s fragmented market and we also believe it is certainly the best value.”

Mega Cap Industrials Co.

“With Market Structure Analytics, we now have a much deeper understanding of what is moving our shares and how investor uncertainty can impact trading. ModernIR has a great way to measure investor engagement. Both our IR team and management find that the Engagement indicator gives us a very good feel for where active investors are stepping in to buy and whether they understand our story. I highly recommend ModernIR as they offer insight that no one else can, they operate with honesty and integrity, and their services can be personalized to one’s unique situation.”

Todd Shoot

“I believe a well-informed IRO should understand the valuable information embedded in stock trading activity. Understanding the underlying demographics that drive stock price movements has been a huge “a-ha moment” for our IR and management teams. Realizing that Active Investment is a rather small component of overall pricing is valuable insight. We receive weekly reports to consistently measure market behaviors and see how they change over time. ModernIR also helped us in the planning process as we are better able to determine next steps and what upcoming investor actions might be. With ModernIR, we are no longer operating in the dark. “

John Kraft

“Our IR and Management teams find that market structure analytics settles our nerves when shares are volatile and there’s no “logical” explanation.  It also helps us connect the dots after investor outreach or conference participation because we can see whether our target audience is reacting to our story and if they are buying or selling. We didn’t know what we didn’t know about market rules and behavior before using market structure analytics, but now it has become very valuable to us. If we were in the unfortunate situation of having to cut budgets, of all the tools we use in our IR program, this would be one of the last we’d cut because we find it the most helpful. You may not know that you need it until you try it, but you will find ModernIR and the information they provide very valuable.”

Jay Davis

“ModernIR has helped distill large volumes of trading data into concise commentary on stock price performance for my Board and Management team, and actionable marketing ideas for me.”