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“I believe a well-informed IRO should understand the valuable information embedded in stock trading activity. Understanding the underlying demographics that drive stock price movements has been a huge “a-ha moment” for our IR and management teams. Realizing that Active Investment is a rather small component of overall pricing is a valuable insight. We receive daily reports to consistently measure market behaviors and see how they change over time. ModernIR has also helped us in the planning process as we are better able to determine next steps and what upcoming Investor actions might be. With ModernIR, we are no longer operating in the dark.”
“Modern IR helps with the data behind market behavior and gives me the confidence to know the difference between factors beyond our sway, and those which might be worth noting. Our team is always responsive to specific inquiries and has helped decipher trends and outsized days with great skill.”
Sue Dooley - Amwell
Head of Investor Relations
“In a financial world that’s full of legacy habits and conflicts of interest, I value ModernIR as a source of truth in today’s markets.  They are experts in market structure and help us understand drivers of stock price movements – ours, peers, and beyond - based on data, not headlines.  We are using the intelligence ModernIR provides to improve and evolve our investor outreach strategies and better allocate our time to more meaningful work.”
AWK Logo
Aaron Musgrave, CPA - American Water Works Company Inc (AWK)
Director, Investor Relations & Financial Planning & Analysis
“For nearly a decade, our team has leveraged ModernIR’s stock trading activity and analysis to supplement our understanding of stock price behaviors and trends. Through our long-standing partnership with the ModernIR team, we utilize their weekly reporting data to complement how our investor relations’ product “Ball stock” and our strategy intersect to inform senior management and enhance shareholder value creation.”
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Ann Scott - Ball Corporation (BALL)
Vice President, Investor Relations
“I use Market Structure Analytics to track changes in how institutional investors manage risk or leverage positions with swaps and other forms of hedges, and to help me understand when passive investors – indexes and ETFs – are rotating into or out of Hess stock. These are parts of the demographic mix setting our stock price and by distinguishing them from fundamental investors, I have a better sense of fair value and can set realistic internal expectations of where our stock should be trading.”
HES Jay Wilson Headshot
Jay Wilson - Hess Corporation (HES)
Vice President, Investor Relations
“My first degree was an engineering degree.  Two things are very important to me.  The quality of the data being used to do the analysis is the first. The second, and this is not always given sufficient consideration, is to know what is the level of underlying confidence the provider has in the quality of the conclusions they provide to me when reporting on my stock trading data.   I did my research on ModernIR. Concluding they had access to high quality stock trading data was relatively straightforward and quick.  Equally important, but taking more time to get me convinced, was to get to the point where I had sufficient understanding such that I had the same confidence that they had in what the data was telling me.   I became sufficiently convinced and added ModernIR to my tool set. When I later switched companies, I eliminated other expenses so I would have room in the budget to bring the ModernIR capability on board.”
Niri Clay Bilby
Clay Bilby - NIRI
IRO, NIRI Board member
“Corporate executives, investor relations professionals and the institutional investment community are aware of high frequency trading, passive investment products, quantitative trading models, etc. But I have found that most people don’t appreciate the magnitude that these trading constituents and changing market structure have on stock prices – even the buyside! ModernIR has given me the data and ability to understand how these dynamics impact our stock price and the market, which allows me to better communicate market intelligence to our executive team and our investors.”
PWR Kipp Rupp
Kip Rupp - Quanta Services (PWR)
Vice President, Investor Relations
“In today’s constantly changing capital markets, I have found ModernIR’s unique perspectives and services – like its knowledge of how market structure impacts prices and ability to extract information from trading data – to be useful, actionable, and of increasing importance. As a client for many years, I particularly appreciate and value how ModernIR continues to evolve and expand its offering set – like its pre-earnings assessment, post-earnings impact studies, and assistance with calendar planning considerations.”
Re Max Holdings
Andy Schulz - RE/MAX (RMAX)
Senior Vice President, Investor Relations
“Stock trading complexities continue to increase, yet I feel one of our roles in IR is to simplify the storyline regarding price movements for our board of directors and management team.  As my direct interaction with Active Investors is only a portion of the story, I’ve utilized Market Structure Analytics to enhance my understanding of stock behavior.  I now incorporate behavioral driven factors into our quarterly Board reports, which provides more context regarding our valuation and short-term changes. We also monitor Active and Passive investment behaviors and how speculative trading and perceptions of risk can have a significant impact on stock-value. The result is a better-informed Board and management team. The ModernIR team is highly knowledgeable, accessible, and well-connected. Having them as a trusted advisor provides me increased confidence in understanding the capital markets and our stock’s trading behavior.”
SCS Mike Omeara
Mike O’Meara - Steelcase (SCS)
Director, Investor Relations & Financial Planning and Analysis
“Modern IR is not just a data provider but a partner in better understanding the trading in our stock. From regular Market Structure reports to one-off feedback on certain activity, I am better informed about what is behind our trading activity. In turn, I can better manage our messaging and have quantitative and timely data to convey to our executive team and our board.”
Generic Testimonial Backround
Jennifer Samuels - SM Energy (SM)
Vice President, Investor Relations and ESG Stewardship
“While at a previous company, we brought in the ModernIR team to provide their unique insights into our trading. They were able to consistently parse through a huge amount of trading data to give us high-quality answers regarding the shifting make-up of our daily trading, including the emergence of activist activity in our trading. Understanding in almost real time how investors, model-driven ETFs and quant funds and arbitragers were influencing our price proved to be an invaluable resource…so much so that I brought ModernIR with me to my new company. ModernIR consistently provides responsive, high-touch, customer friendly service, but it’s their qualitative insights that help us connect the dots as to what’s really going on. Their grasp of market structure and their ability to translate these insights into actionable recommendations make them a trusted and valuable resource.”
TMCI Julie Dewey
Julie Dewey, IRC - Treace Medical Concepts (TMCI)
Chief Communications & IR Officer
“The Modern IR team has been an incredibly valuable resource to the VMware IR team over the years.  Their knowledge of market structure and ability to extract meaningful insights from complex trading data has been very helpful to us.  Additionally, their analysis on deal-related stock dynamics has been particularly useful as we progress through the pending acquisition of VMware by Broadcom.  The Modern IR team are personable, skilled at helping to educate our team and highly responsive to ad hoc requests for analysis.  I would recommend Modern IR to any IR professional looking to add a deep quantitative perspective to their IR toolkit.” 
VMW Emily Gardner
Emily Gardner - VMware
Sr. Director of Finance
“ModernIR’s insights into trading dynamics give a clearer understanding of market trends, enabling us to describe unusual market activity and make more informed decisions. The analysis of machine and quant trading impact is noteworthy, helping us to understand and navigate the changing landscape of trading.  It’s a good compliment to more traditional stock surveillance.  Additionally, the focus on important trading days is particularly useful, as it ensures that we stay attentive during critical market days and avoid pitfalls.”
Generic Testimonial Backround
Anonymous - Large Cap Financial Services Company
Head of Investor Relations

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