Analytics and expertise that help public companies create value in quantitative markets

Understand your passive characteristics. Change your earnings-reporting process to leverage your controllables.

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Public companies, telling your story to Active investors who have more outflows than inflows won't drive shareholder-value

Passive money drives shareholder value now. And Passive money buys characteristics, not story, and seeks the absence of volatility. We’ll help you:


Analytics and expertise to help investor relations teams, executives and Boards drive shareholder-value in quantitative markets

Quantitative Equity Intelligence

Know why your stock price moves by understanding market structure and the behavior of money in your shares, including the demographics of your trading volume. Have data to support why your stock fell when you released good news or why you underperform your peers. Understand your stock’s Passive characteristics, and how Demand and Supply change over time.

Activism Monitoring

Be alerted to patterns of Activist behavior in your shares before an Activist begins making demands. Track the impact of Proxy proposals and likelihood of success by measuring trading behavior.

Earnings Cycle Analytics

Avoid macro market events like expirations and understand market behavior in your shares to increase impact of your news and earnings. Leverage your stock’s Passive characteristics via keywords in heading, subheading, CEO quote, release text. Track market behavior before and after news. Message to machines that set most prices by understanding risks in your Demand/Supply balance beforehand. And match product (your stock) to consumers (Passives).

Deal Arbitrage Monitoring

Measure how hedge funds are betting and what the prospects are for regulatory and shareholder approval of your M&A.

Buyback Analytics

Coordinate with Treasury so you don’t compete with yourself in your buyback, have a defensible position under new SEC regulations, and understand whether your broker is doing a good job, all with our rules-based quantitative model.

Short Reporting

Understand the bear position in your shares with our Short Insights Report. Track short interest and short volume for your shares, peer companies, the sector and the market.

Want to know your Passive characteristics? How to rethink your earnings reporting cycle?

Transform Your Investor Relations Role

How Can Our Services Help You in Your IR Job?

Actionable data for a passive market

Shareholder-value today is largely determined by Passive money and driven by your stock’s characteristics. We offer a systematic process for accentuating characteristics and controlling the controllables.

A path for success in investor relations

Outperforming the market today is nearly impossible, yet giving the money what it wants to buy is relatively straightforward. We help you understand what the money is doing, and how to position your company in front of it.

Data that defends your exectutive team

Few things frustrate the c-suite more than executing on the business plan and seeing the stock slide. We slice data demographically to sort Active Investment from other behaviors – which often show that Story doesn’t cause declines.

Rules-based repurchase data framework

ModernIR offers a quantitative model that brings objectivity to buybacks – an essential advantage when deploying shareholder capital.

Powerful data analytics for activism, deals

You can hide positions in derivatives, but you can’t hide derivatives patterns, and we track them nearly in real-time.

The strategic advantage

A new strategy for reporting earnings in markets dominated by machines and quants.

Why Work With Us

Working With The Market Structure Experts Has Valuable Benefits

Unique Market Intelligence

There is no other comprehensive market intelligence offering for investor relations predicated on Regulation National Market System trade-execution data reflecting how the stock market actually works. We measure all volume including what settlement-based market intelligence cannot see.

An Experienced Team

Former trading and IR professionals who understand the investor relations job and what’s important to you.

Exceptional Customer Service

With a reputation in the investor relations profession for platinum client-support, expect a responsive, team-oriented approach, and rapid help and answers when you need them.

Multiple Service Plans

Subscriptions to fit in your budget based on frequency and scope of analytics.

Educational Offerings

You don’t have to learn market structure, but we’re happy to teach you.

Thought Leadership

ModernIR has engaged with regulators, Congress, and the media regularly and routinely around market rules and the best interests of public companies and investors
Tim Q

Founder Tim Quast Has Almost 30 Years Dedicated to Advancing The Practice Of Investor Relations

 “Words of wisdom? Trading volume outside of Active buy-and-hold is not noise. It’s what the money is doing now. Passives and Quants buy your stock’s characteristics, not your story. It’s the job of the investor relations officer to control the controllables in this market, to drive shareholder value.”

Want to know your Passive characteristics? How to rethink your earnings reporting cycle?